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About Pam

The legal profession confronts a world turned upside down.  Lawyers, law firms and legal departments continue to experience intense and unprecedented pressures — epic changes in economics, operations, technology and service delivery that are fundamentally altering traditional lawyer-client working relationships.

This is the world of At The Intersection, the globally-acclaimed blog that explores the day-to-day realities of law firms and clients that need each other, but don’t always play well together. For years, PAM WOLDOW, named a “Legal Rebel” by the American Bar Association, has proved an insightful and outspoken commentator on the twists and turns of the legal profession – a role for which she is well-credentialed. Pam has walked miles in lawyer’s shoes, whether in-house or in a firm. Pam’s own career has included roles as a large firm litigator, litigation manager, corporate General Counsel, and Chief Counsel for a government agency managing thousands of cases and tens of millions of budget dollars, followed by years of experience serving as General Counsel of two world-renowned legal consulting firms and advising a broad spectrum of consulting clients worldwide.  She is a Fellow in the College of Law Practice Management and was named as one of 125 Alumni of Distinction at the 125th anniversary of Chicago Kent Law School.

Today, Pam helps both legal departments and law firm clients find their way in the bewildering new world of RFPs, AFAs, LPOs, LPI and LPM…of startling new technologies that will utterly change the face of the profession…of burgeoning “Big Law” global law firms, regional powerhouses, specialized boutiques, virtual law firms and everything in between. Pam has earned global recognition as a pioneer in designing and implementing scores of Legal Project Management (LPM) initiatives, and she and longtime consulting colleague Doug Richardson, who collaborates with Pam in writing At The Intersection, are co-authors of the ABA-sponsored Legal Project Management in an Hour for Lawyers.

Pam is more than a battlefield correspondent or LPM guru.  As a consultant, she works daily with a broad spectrum of clients to improve the efficiency of legal service delivery and quality of law firm-client communication, coaches law firm partners on business development, and advises law firm managing partners on strategies for success. As she helps in-house clients select and manage outside counsel and works with law firms to improve collaboration, service delivery,  efficiency, pricing, profitability and business development, Pam both observes and defines the legal industry’s cutting edge.

As an active change agent herself, Pam is an avid observer of the legal profession’s movers, shakers, trend-setters and paradigm-shifters, all of whom are presented to At The Intersection readers in living color. Skilled at staying ahead of the curve, Pam assertively explores important trends and developments and incorporates best practices and innovative approaches into both her consulting and writing.  With courage, wit, incisiveness and irreverence, Pam has developed a broad following throughout the world of legal social media.