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Work With Pam

For the last several years, Pam Woldow has earned widespread recognition for her pioneering work in transforming law firm-client relationships, including:

  • Legal Project Management
  • Alternative Fee Arrangements
  • RFPs and law firm selection
  • Convergence programs

Pam also specializes in providing advice to General Counsel and Chief Legal Officers on law department operations, cost management, litigation management and management of outside counsel, as well as advising law firms on business development and all aspects of counsel-client relationships.

She is a Certified Master Coach with deep experience in individual lawyer coaching and in designing law department leadership development programs.


About Edge International

Founded in 1983, the Edge Group became Edge International in 2001 to reflect the truly global nature of our practice. The focus of our practice is law firms and we have developed an international presence working with firms throughout Canada, the U.S., Europe, the Far East, Australia and South Africa. Clients include those ranging in size from small boutiques to the largest professional service firms in the world. Edge International is honored to have served at least one of the top ten firms in over a dozen different countries.

Edge International holds the distinction of being identified in an independent survey conducted and published by Aspen Law & Business in 2002 as “one of the three most used consultants to large law firms in the U.S. and the only one among the top five that is a strategy and marketplace boutique.” In addition, Edge International is acknowledged as the leading consultancy in providing hands-on assistance to practice leaders and the members of their practice groups to accelerate their efforts toward developing higher levels of performance.