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Monthly Archives: October 2010

Getting an “A” from the ACC – Revisiting the Report Card One Year Later

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One year ago, I penned a post about the ACC Lawyer Rating system, below.  After all the economic dust has settled, I would not change a word.  Pamela Woldow Posted October 28, 2009 at 12:11 am. The ACC’s new lawyer rating system – created by and for corporate counsel — is just coming out of the gate. And, thank heavens that… Continue Reading

Whole Hog

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  I’m at the intersection of Main and Lamar out here in Dallas, but I’ve just spent time talking to some senior-level rainmakers who are out there in denial. First, although the balance of power between law firms and their clients has shifted, they think they still call the shots — when in fact it’s… Continue Reading

LPM is like your iPhone

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Recently, I was at the intersection of Dearborn and Madison Streets in Chicago, and I had just come from a Legal Project Management training session in which a rather senior partner told everybody that he hates the LPM program his firm is rolling out.  “The way I practice law has worked for 30 years. Why… Continue Reading