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10 Key Questions That Law Firms Should Ask Clients

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1.  Are there any formal methods that you use to measure the quality of legal services?

2.   If yes, what are those methods (and metrics) and are you willing to share those with us so that we can strive to continually improve our service to you?

3.  If no, can we set up some metrics that will demonstrate over the coming year that our quality is superior to other firms?

4.   How satisfied are you with the relationship with our law firm?

  • Do we understand your goals in the matters that we handle?
  • Are you satisfied with our responsiveness?
  • Are you satisfied with the results we have achieved?
  • Are you satisfied with our cost effectiveness and efficiency?
  • Are you satisfied with our expertise?

5.   What could we do to get more of your work?

 6.   How can we get a better day-to-day understanding of what’s going on in your business?

7.   How can we get involved earlier in problem prevention and get paid for success rather than time spent?

8.   Are you interested in additional services, “value add” services, that we could provide to your in-house legal department?

9.   This is the data we gather about how we run our law firm. What do you think?

10.  Are you considering any changes in which firms you use or how work is to be allocated going forward?

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