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Mallesons is Making Efficiency a Law Firm Issue.

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To paraphrase Mark Twain, everyone complains about the weather, but few are doing anything about it. A notable exception is premier Australian firm Mallesons. The firm not only has responded to the client-driven need for enhanced value and efficiency in legal service delivery, but has recognized that lawyers’ time is much better spent doing things that require legal skill and judgment than on process-driven, repetitive tasks. To showcase the spread of enlightened thinking in global legal markets, I asked Mallesons to join us for a guest post.

GUEST POST by Michelle Mahoney, Director of Applied Legal Technology at Mallesons.

Although Legal Process Outsourcing (LPO) has rapidly been gaining traction in Europe and the US in recent years and is much on the minds of in-house legal departments, Mallesons is the first Australian firm to offer our clients a cost-effective, large-scale LPO capability.  Mallesons recently announced that it has entered into a preferred supplier agreement with Integreon for LPO support services.

The depth and breadth of our research into the burgeoning LPO industry suggested how we might best deliver optimal services for our clients, and we believe our Integreon relationship will allow us to offer our clients a more cost-effective allocation of their legal spend, as well as the opportunity to realize significant efficiencies in the legal process aspects of our business, particularly in the area of document review.

Adopting an outsourcing model for some types of legal work will allow Mallesons to provide our leading advisory services, and at the same time give to our clients a choice in how they manage their legal service costs. Our LPO provider, Integreon is able to seamlessly scale up and down to meet the needs of clients, and their Six Sigma project management methodologies and processes contribute to producing quality outcomes for our clients. With this multiple-shore LPO provider, we are able to create teams built on skills, location, industry experience and languages to meet our clients’ needs.

This relationship is but one component in Mallesons’ determination to drive greater efficiency into all aspects of our legal practice, and it is a tangible way to ensure that our clients benefit from our investment in the future of legal service delivery. 

This strategy also represents an investment in our own people. When Integreon’s services are used, our lawyers will be freed up to focus on delivering top-quality substantive legal service, which obviously enhances their professional development. For less document-intensive matters, we anticipate that junior lawyers will continue to provide traditional discovery and due diligence services. These skills will continue to be developed and used by our lawyers and their skills in project managing and concentrating their focus on the substantive issues which deliver results. In addition, our commercial and analytical skills will be honed, with our large document collections being separated to ensure the highly relevant documents will be the ones we spend the most time on.