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Monthly Archives: October 2013

A Practical Slant on LPM Implementation

Posted in Legal Project Management

Guest Post by  Katie Crosby Lehmann, Partner Robins Kaplan Miller & Ciresi It’s little wonder that law firms struggle to integrate Legal Project Management (LPM) into their lawyers’ legal service delivery.  The firm’s LPM champions face a double bind: on one hand, many of the firm’s lawyers are skeptical independent thinkers who scoff at the… Continue Reading

Adventures in Magical Thinking – Part III

Posted in Law firm practices

In our last two posts, we’ve been discussing “Magical Thinking,” the tendency of firm leaders to assume that rank-and-file partners can and will divine the reasoning of the Executive Committee and will take all necessary steps to keep abreast of firm economics, strategic decisions and operational guidance. This tendency produces frequent disconnects between the way… Continue Reading

Adventures in Magical Thinking – Part II

Posted in Law firm practices

In the last post we discussed “magical thinking” – the wishes and hopes of firm leadership that the lawyers they lead will exhibit certain desirable behaviors just because leadership wants them to or hopes they will. Magical Thinking Building Blocks There are five common components to magical thinking: 1)      Reality Disconnects: Leadership may “get it,”… Continue Reading

Adventures in Magical Thinking, Part I

Posted in Law firm practices

The good news is that the strategic brain trusts of many law firms often are populated with realistic, forward-thinking leaders who grasp the sweeping economic and operational forces that are reshaping the face of the legal profession. They see the big picture better than many of their colleagues in the trenches who view the legal world… Continue Reading