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Monthly Archives: April 2015

Scope-Blindness: Confusing Trees with Forests

Posted in Legal Project Management

As one of its core principles, Legal Project Management (LPM) emphasizes the need for effective project scoping as a crucial first step for delivering legal services efficiently, predictably, on time and on budget. Our motto: Effective front-end planning beats damage control any day. Most experienced lawyers tell us they scope engagements quite well. In our… Continue Reading

The Human Barrier to LPM Technology: Will Lawyers Get to the Future?

Posted in Legal Project Management, Legal Project Management tools

We have just returned from the World Masters of Law Firm Management Conference in Sydney, Australia, where we had the opportunity to compare notes with a lot of folks deeply invested — literally and figuratively – in the future of legal technology. By and large, we agree that when it comes to Legal Project Management… Continue Reading