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Monthly Archives: June 2015

Manterruption, Part II: The Quest for a Cure

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In our last post we discussed the widespread tendency of men to interrupt women in settings where the power stakes were high (manterruption) and their tendency to appropriate women’s comments and ideas as their own (bropropriation). This Really Does Matter We emphasized that this is not a minor impediment to women’s career advancement. As Dr…. Continue Reading

FLASH UPDATE: No Seat at the Table

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Life Imitates Blog Only a few days ago we posted a blog post, Are You a Manterrupter?, in which we discussed how unconscious gender biases of men may compromise leadership communication and result in female colleagues being marginalized, shut out, interrupted and generally frustrated in the exercise of senior-level professional responsibility.  A second, related post… Continue Reading

Are You a Manterrupter? – Part I

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This is Doug, and I’m going to be flying the airplane in this post. Pam is standing by me, as usual contributing a wealth of valuable and timely information, but she’s going to hold her tongue. Why? Because research proves the likelihood that if she tried to make her ideas heard, she would learn the… Continue Reading