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Monthly Archives: September 2015

Five Critical Questions Every Client Should Ask Law Firms About Budgets

Posted in Legal Department Management

Although dramatic changes in law’s economic landscape have conferred far greater bargaining leverage and purchasing power on clients, in budget discussions with outside law firms, many in-house counsel just aren’t asking the right questions. Clients simply cannot optimize budget planning and management without  knowing the answers to these five questions: Has the Budget Process Included Input… Continue Reading

Manterruption III: Reader Responses & Connecting the Dots

Posted in Legal Project Management

In several recent At the Intersection posts, we commented on some important social research discussing men’s pervasive tendency to interrupt women in group meetings or settings where the power stakes were high (“manterruption”) and to appropriate women’s ideas as their own (“bropropriation”).  We did not conduct this social research; we just reported on it. Yet these… Continue Reading

ValoremNext: A Better Mousetrap…And Beyond

Posted in Legal Department Management

Two lawyers well known for their innovation, and perhaps for their iconoclasm, are going beyond trying to invent a better mousetrap. Today they trotted out the design for a new mouse. Jeff Carr and Pat Lamb have long collaborated on efforts to reshape the law firm-legal department relationship, and in so doing have not hesitated… Continue Reading