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Monthly Archives: December 2017

A Farewell to Arms

Posted in New Directions

This is the last post of At the Intersection.  As 2017 ends, so will this blog. We are going to stop the presses. Bank the fires. Wind it up. Cease and desist.  All that. For over a decade now, At the Intersection has concerned itself with two interrelated quests: helping law firms make more money,… Continue Reading

Lower Revenue? Lower Utilization? Watch out BigLaw — You Might Be Doing Something Right

Posted in Legal Project Management

Editors’ Note: The boom in Legal Project Management (LPM) has been accompanied by a skeptical backbeat: “Does LPM really work? How does LPM work? Does LPM have costs as well as benefits?” Husch Blackwell has fully embraced LPM, not as a cultural experiment, but as an essential component of the Firm’s commitment to delivering value… Continue Reading