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In the legal profession’s drive for greater efficiency, effectiveness, predictability and cost-effectiveness in legal service delivery, the human dimension often is the most inefficient, ineffective and unpredictable.  Many lawyers, legal leaders and other interested parties clearly are experiencing considerable “future shock.”  That is, the accelerating rate of change is outpacing the human capacity to understand, adopt, adapt and master the new processes that are reframing legal service delivery. As one frustrated managing partner put it, “when it comes to putting sophisticated processes and technology to practical use, people are ‘inelegant machines.’”

Doug Richardson is a crusader for improving legal communications, committed to helping those “inelegant machines” interact and perform more productively.  He has long focused his consulting practice on the human factors that impact productivity: Interpersonal and team communication. Collaboration. Incentives and Morale. Trust and loyalty factors. Inspiring leadership. Committed followership. As Pam continues to pioneer new approaches to efficient legal service delivery, Doug worked side-by-side with her to develop practical approaches for improving law firm-client communication, better legal leadership, and powerful stakeholder buy-in to the benefits of Legal Project Management.

Doug’s diverse career combined law and communication from the outset. He holds both a JD from Harvard Law School and a Master’s Degree in Communication from the University of Pennsylvania’s Annenberg School. Formerly a large firm litigator and federal prosecutor, he subsequently served as communications director for a 4500- employee government agency and as that agency’s press secretary. In recent years Doug often has collaborated with Pam Woldow in implementing innovative Legal Project Management initiatives with a broad spectrum of clients, and he has co-facilitated scores of LPM training workshops for law firm and legal department clients around the globe.

Doug also has been the architect of innovative large-scale leadership development and high-potential talent programs for law firms, and he has been called upon by numerous law schools to teach leadership, professionalism, emotional intelligence, and collaboration skills.

Long recognized for his insightful and witty writing, Doug has been a frequent contributor to a variety of legal publications, in addition to At the Intersection. He also was an award-winning Dow Jones columnist over two decades, focusing on career development for lawyers and non-lawyers alike.