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Game Your Way To Longer Life

Posted in Gamification, New Normal

In our last post we discussed legal “Gamification,” that is, approaching certain legal tasks as if they were a competitive game in order to maximize both individual and team engagement and produce superior legal outcomes. In this post we look at “personal gamification” — how you can create stronger personal motivation and resiliency by drawing… Continue Reading

Signs of the Times

Posted in New Normal

When you spend a lot of time looking at the world through the lens of developments in the legal profession, sometimes the ironies of happenstance can slap you right square in the face.  Take, for example, page B3 of the November 14, 2013 Wall Street Journal. Apparently coincidentally, two articles sit side-by-side above the fold…. Continue Reading

GCs: Are You Looking in the Right Direction for an Efficient Legal Department? (Part 2 of 3)

Posted in E-billing, General Counsel, Legal Department Management, Legal Spend, New Normal, Outside Counsel

Supposedly, General Counsel everywhere have gotten the memo: tough economic times demand better, more business-like management of legal departments and outside vendors. So, are you moving assertively toward becoming a sharper, better-informed manager, or do you run what respected consultant Rees Morrison calls a “passive pusillanimous law department?” In our last post we talked about… Continue Reading

A Case Study at the Cutting Edge: Legal Project Management in Australia

Posted in General Counsel, Law firm practices, Legal Project Management, Legal Project Management tools, Legal Spend, New Normal, Outside Counsel

The legal profession, sad to say, rewards its denizens with relatively few breakout moments, a dearth of challenges that allow its movers and shakers to break new ground. All the talk about law’s “New Normal” notwithstanding, the legal landscape is a pretty conventional place, populated by more “first followers” than “first movers.” That’s why it… Continue Reading

A New Frame of Reference: Reflections on the Legal Industry from the Amazon River

Posted in Law firm practices, New Normal, Outside Counsel

It’s strange to find myself ruminating on the changes in the legal profession as I travel on the Amazon River in Brazil, 20 miles upriver from the city of Manaus.  What could the global legal marketplace possibly have in common with one of the world’s largest and most complex watersheds? A couple of similarities swim… Continue Reading

Are You Prepared to Kick Butt?

Posted in General Counsel, Law firm practices, Legal Spend, New Normal, Outside Counsel

This song goes out to all you General Counsel and senior in-house lawyers, and its title is “Sometimes You Folks Get Hosed and Don’t Do Nothin’ About It.” I could just as easily have directed the song to those law firm lawyers who sometimes are a little, ah, “casual” about the finer points of scoping… Continue Reading

Welcome to the Intersection!

Posted in New Normal

I want to welcome you to the At the Intersection blog, even as Edge International welcomes me to its ranks as Partner and General Counsel.  They say what goes around, comes around, and to my great pleasure, my career has come around to the perfect platform for a consultant helping legal departments and law firms… Continue Reading